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Baltimore, MD

Major Power Productions, is a production company in Maryland run by Doreen Pastures and Clifton Futch. They have produced local films and music videos for over 10 years. While they have been around for awhile and have done legitimate work, their last business venture will keep them Off the List. You may remember seeing their advertisement in 2011.

Major Power Productions, in conjunction with Marvel and the SyFy Channel, is casting the new X-Men television series for the SyFy network. Doreen Pastures, dir. Casting in Baltimore, MD; shooting in the U.S. (first four pilots) and Canada, on a six-month contract.

Seeking—Actors: males and females, all ages, all types, must be willing and able to make the transition to shooting in Canada.

Auditions will be held July 16, noon-5 p.m. at 1 Azar Court, Baltimore, MD. Bring pix & resumes (required). Limited experience is fine; actors must present something with sizes and contact information listed. Prepare a monologue. For more info, email boclandcompany@gmail.com. Professional pay.
 From Backstage.com

After a lot of waiting, several poorly written emails and two excessively long rounds of auditions, the truth came out. They were not working with Marvel to produce an X-Men tv show and said show was not scheduled to be aired on SyFy. The well-known/famous people they claimed that were helping with casting, script development, and production had no knowledge of the film whatsoever. When confronted with the facts, Major Power Productions' response was to blame the actors for misinformation, claiming that the untrue statements were never made by official employees of Major Power Productions.

Off The List - Stay Away!

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